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Client Care

Like all providers of services, solicitors aim to provide a high standard of service to their clients, both in what the solicitor does and the way in which it is done. There are over 100,000 solicitors in England and Wales, and each of them handles hundreds - if not thousands - of cases each year.

Engagement Letter

As a means of promoting client care, Law Society regulations require a solicitor to give the client a letter at the start of every transaction which will

  • confirm what the client has asked the solicitor to do
  • say which individuals at the firm will handle the work
  • set out terms on which the client will be charged, how he will be notified of the cost as the transaction proceeds, and how he will pay
  • state the name of the partner to contact if the client is unhappy with the firm's service

Unhappy with the firm's service?

Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong.

Many complaints arise because a client is unhappy about the way their case has been handled. Often this type of complaint comes about because of a misunderstanding or simply because the solicitor has been so busy with the transaction that he has not kept the client informed of all the developments. In such a case, the client should contact the solicitor and explain what is causing concern. If that does not produce a satisfactory outcome, the client should contact the partner in the firm responsible for handling complaints. All solicitors firms have in house complaints handling procedures. Most complaints are dealt with quickly and effectively by the firm itself.

If the client is still not satisfied or if he or she requires further information or guidance, they should contact the Legal Ombudsman.

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